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School Store Online Fundraiser

Monday, August 21, 2023
Today, August 21, we’re kicking off the school fundraiser! All students will bring home a School Store Online fundraiser packet. This is a unique fundraiser, because no money will be sent to school. All fundraising will be done online. Look for all of the directions about creating an account online and how you can earn money for our school just by shopping online. When you sign up, you’ll be given a code to write on a form to send back to school to get a participation prize. No money is required to get the “thank you” for participating prize. This fundraiser will last all year long, so you’ll have many opportunities to support our school for very minimal effort and expense. Thank you for supporting the Wolfpack!
This video will be shown to all students today to help explain the fundraiser: https://videos.schoolstore.com/kick-off-video