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Dropping Off Student Items During School Hours

  1. Arrive at the front door entrance just off Lake Forest (at the light).
  2. Ring the bell to the right of the door and show your valid driver’s license or ID to the camera.
  3. Come into the vestibule and state your business to the person behind the glass. She will advise you how to proceed.
    • If dropping off lunch/items for your student.
      • You will show your ID at the vestibule and be asked for your student’s name.
        • If you are NOT on the student’s approved list, you will not be allowed to leave a lunch for the student.
        • Please put all family members on your approved list with the registrar ([email protected]).
      • You will be buzzed into the front desk area where there is a bookshelf to leave the labeled lunch for your student. Boyd is NOT responsible for lunches not picked up or stolen.
      • No former students or outside friends will be allowed to drop off lunches, unless they are registered on your approved list through the registrar.
      • NO delivery services with lunches for your student will be accepted.
    • If dropping off items for your student.
      • The same procedure will be followed as above.