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Checking Students Out Early


On days when special events/circumstances (Pep Rally, Inclement Weather, Testing Days, etc.) are taking place, a parent or guardian MUST CALL the attendance office PRIOR to 10:00 a.m. the day of the event to request a student’s early dismissal.  A parent may also call one day prior on days listed above.

The front office staff assists with physical check-in at other parts of the building on the days mentioned above and there is no guarantee they will be in the attendance office after 10:00 a.m. during these special events/circumstances.

A voice message left for the attendance office will not guarantee a student’s early check-out; a parent must speak with an attendance clerk in order to insure checkout.

You may call the Main Office for assistance at 469.302.3400 if you are having difficulty reaching the appropriate Attendance Office.

For students who DRIVE:

  1. Parent will call their student’s respective attendance office and request their driving student be allowed to leave campus at the specified time.
    • Molly Hall at 469.302.3419 for Student’s with Last Names A-K
    • Esmeralda Gutierrez at 469.302.3476 for Student’s with Last Names L-Z
  2. The attendance staff will confirm the early dismissal and print a dismissal slip for the student.
  3. The student will pick up the dismissal slip downstairs in the Main Office A106 during any passing period before the requested early dismissal time.
  4. PLEASE NOTE: The parent must follow up and provide written documentation (parent note or doctor note) or submit the documentation via the online MBHS Absence Reporting Form in order for the absence to be coded or excused. Phone calls do not suffice as absence documentation.

For students who DO NOT drive:

  1. The student’s parent/guardian must enter the building through the Main Office with an appropriate ID.
  2. The parent/guardian presents the ID to the Main Office and the student will be called down to the Main Office for departure.
  3. Please note: Parents checking out their students face-to-face will wait in the safety vestibule at the main entrance.
  4. At the time of checkout, the parent will fill out the preformatted “MBHS Front Desk Parent Note” while waiting. Copies are provided and can be found at the front desk.  Parent or guardian may also turn in his/her own handwritten documentation at this time of checkout.