The following school districts partner with McKinney ISD so that their students may attend Serenity High. These districts have agreed to assist in the per-day tuition fees for enrollment: Allen ISD, Anna ISD, Blue Ridge ISD, Celina ISD, Community ISD, Frisco ISD, Lewisville ISD, Melissa ISD, Pilot Point ISD, Plano ISD, Tioga ISD and Wylie ISD. Learn More

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How is Serenity High different from a traditional high school?

  • Our students are committed to staying in recovery from Substance Use Disorder (SUD)
  • We provide students with support through regular group activities
  • We offer a personalized and self-paced learning environment
  • Students engage in weekly community service
  • We offer breathing and movement exercises
  • We have recovery support built into the school day
  • Our student-teacher ratio stays around 10:1
  • We offer a calming center, allowing students to refocus and center themselves.

Is Serenity a residential school?
No. We are a day school.

What are the school’s hours?
7:45 am – 3:30 pm

Are students/parents responsible for transportation to and from Serenity High?

Can students participate in sports and fine arts at their home schools while attending Serenity?
No. UIL rules prohibit such participation.

How long does someone attend Serenity High?
Each student is unique, and the time needed to reach his/her academic goals will be different from those of other students. Some students transition back to their home school districts after a period of time at Serenity. Many choose to stay at Serenity until graduation.

Can students graduate early?
Yes. Serenity High is a self-paced campus.

What happens if a student relapses?
A relapse is handled on an individual basis.

Is Serenity High a public, charter, or private school?
We are a public school in McKinney ISD.

What age group does Serenity High serve?
Serenity serves high school students in grades 9-12, ages 13-21

Where is Serenity High located?
We are in McKinney, Texas. Serenity os attached to McKinney North High School campus, but does not interact or commingle with McKinney North students.

What geographical area does Serenity serve?
Serenity serves and educates students in recovery from Substance Use Disorder (SUD) in all surrounding communities or counties in Texas.

Does Serenity treat Substance Abuse Disorder?
Serenity supports student recovery, the school is not a treatment facility and does not take the place of a treatment program. We collaborate with students and their families, intensive outpatient professionals, treatment center professionals, and other leaders/therapists/professionals to strengthen the continuum of care for our students struggling with substance use disorder.

Does Serenity High drug test students?
Yes, frequently and randomly.

What can I do to get involved in Serenity High?
Serenity has an advisory board that supports the school in many ways, volunteers are encouraged to join. We also need student mentors. You can reach out directly to our Dean of Students who can help guide you in specific ways you can help.

How can I refer a student to Serenity High?
Treatment professionals can contact our Dean of Students directly to recommend a student to Serenity.