The following school districts partner with McKinney ISD so that their students may attend Serenity High. These districts have agreed to assist in the per-day tuition fees for enrollment: Allen ISD, Anna ISD, Blue Ridge ISD, Celina ISD, Community ISD, Frisco ISD, Lewisville ISD, Melissa ISD, Pilot Point ISD, Plano ISD, Tioga ISD and Wylie ISD. Learn More

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Students enrolled at Serenity High are given the opportunity to complete a given course from the point at which they last studied the subject. This philosophy is intended to foster hope for students who have experienced little or no success in school. Allowing them to move ahead with their high school education is a motivating factor for future academic achievement.

As course work is completed, a student advances immediately, rather than waiting for a new semester to begin. This is a real bonus for those who are motivated to catch up and even pass their peers.

Serenity High is a Texas Education Agency-designated campus within McKinney ISD, and it is fully accredited by the State of Texas. Many Serenity students go on to attend college, while others enter the labor force or enlist in the armed forces.

Academic instruction at Serenity High is implemented through two modalities with self-paced learning being the core pedagogy for student success.

APEX Learning

APEX learning online course provides a complete scope and sequence based on national and state standards. The curriculum is organized into semesters, units, lessons, and activities. A typical semester includes five to seven units, each with three to six lessons. A typical lesson comprises a number of activities including studies, practices, readings, journals, labs, discussions, projects, explorations, reviews, and embedded assessments. Each course is taught and reinforced by the use of a blended learning model which provides digital content and assessments to help our instructors address student learning and achievement. Multimedia tutorials provide students with opportunities to explore and understand new concepts, allowing each student to move at their own pace. Our instructors monitor the progress of each student and customize instruction to meet individual needs and foster their success.

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Textbooks are used to supplement other forms of instruction as well as serve as the principle source of information in selected courses. In many instances textbooks are used to enhance differentiated instruction as it provides the student another medium of information that can be discussed with their instructor.