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MNHS Fine Arts

Our tools in the Fine Arts Department are a little different than those used in the History or Math Departments.

These tools are as simple as a pencil or as complex as a piano or lead character script. Mastering each of these takes as much time and dedication as any challenge we can think of and if it were easy everyone would do it.

Our results are personal. Only the viewer can decide whether a drawing has meaning, a dance has beauty or a sonata has value. A pop, soul, or country song can make you cry over and over again for reasons you can’t explain and a rap song might not be the same without the windows in your car buzzing in the background. Again, it’s personal.

Fine Arts are the counterbalance to our core-curriculum. We’re here because we can’t take a creative kid, try and turn them into a scientist and expect a happy, healthy adult. Props to our core offerings but we’re the other side of a two-sided coin. For our creative kids we want to expose them to possibilities and then get out of their way. The results are always fascinating, usually surprising, and occasionally astonishing.

Welcome to Fine Arts – Let’s Jam.