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About Lizzie Nell Cundiff McClure

Mrs. Lizzie Nell McClure was raised in Allen and graduated from McKinney High School in 1919. She attended Texas Christian University before receiving her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin. She continued her education at the University of Colorado and the University of Oklahoma before completing her Master’s degree at the University of Texas at Austin in 1931.

While pursuing her Master’s degree, Mrs. McClure began her teaching career in Oklahoma in 1923. She taught in Oklahoma for seven years before returning home to McKinney in 1931. In McKinney, Mrs. McClure taught social studies at the high school and served as Social Studies Department Head for many years. She also served as a class sponsor for several classes and was the sponsor of the American Traveler’s Club at the high school.

Former students have said that Lizzie Nell McClure was to the History Department what Ruth Dowell was to the English Department during that time. To her students, she was the history department, as well as a mentor, counselor, and friend.

Mrs. McClure made history interesting to her students with her extensive knowledge of the subject. She always took personal interest in her students, listened to their concerns, and helped them make better decisions about their lives and their futures. The SNSC has heard stories from former students about how Mrs. McClure never gave up on them and how her unending encouragement made the difference in them completing their high school education.

Many of her students remember Mrs. McClure as Ms. Cundiff, as she taught in McKinney for many years before marrying her husband, Mr. McClure. She retired from the McKinney ISD in 1967 with 36 years of dedicated service to education.