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Falcon Traditions

The Finch mascot is a falcon and our colors are blue and gold.  Often the Finch Falcon mascot will attend assemblies and special occasions.  Students and teachers wear Finch Falcon spirit shirts on Fridays.  Each morning, at the beginning of morning announcements, Finch students say the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag, the Pledge to the Texas Flag and they repeat the Falcon Creed.

Falcon Creed

As a student of Finch Elementary,
I promise to do my best
To show respect
To be an active listener
To have good manners
To exercise self-control
To practice good communication

Finch Live! happens once per month at Finch.  A student of the month from each classroom is recognized, the new character word of the month is introduced and the Finch Spirit Stick is awarded to the grade level with the most spirit.  During Finch Live! students sing the school song.

Falcon School Song

(Sing to the “Hey Look Me Over” tune)
Hey, Look us over, lend us an ear,
We have a song, we want you to hear.
We’re the Finch Falcons, grade K to five.
We’re working hard all through the day,
but learning is just like play.
Because we fly like a falcon and doing our best.
Our colors of blue and gold are brighter than the rest.
We’re a little bit sharper than anyone else.
We’re tops!!
We’re # 1!!!
So look out world,
Here we come!!!!!!!!!!!