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iStation Software Overview

We would like to take a moment to tell you about a supplemental reading program at Wolford Elementary. iStation is an internet-based reading intervention/assessment program for grades Pre-K through Grade 5. iStation is made up of four easy-to-use components that work together to help students achieve success in reading.

Here at Wolford, we will be mainly using 2 of iStation Components to:

  • Assessments Identify Areas in Need of Improvement: Students’ skills are assessed and monitored throughout the year using iStation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP™), a fast, online assessment. The assessment determines where students have weaknesses in the critical areas of reading.
  • Monitor Student Improvement: Student performance reports are automatically created and shared with teachers and administrators. These reports make recommendations for the teacher to provide lessons to students in small groups.

iStation is a fun and engaging way for students to achieve success in reading! Here is a web link for more information about iStation.

*Parents now have access to iStation at home via the Internet. Please see your child’s homeroom teacher for their password.