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About Wolford

Named after Earl and Lottie Wolford, longtime McKinney educators, Wolford has had a history of academic excellence since its inception. Currently, our campus serves approximately 600 students in grades K-5. Our elementary school community continues to strive to demonstrate exemplary academic performance coupled with high student engagement for all students in all subject areas. We continue to work towards transforming our school into a learning community for all members of our team. As we continue to work towards the development of our school being organized as a learning organization, a main focus is to ensure that we are designing and delivering engaging work for our students. Rigor, creativity, and higher-thinking skills are requirements to be incorporated into the lesson design with differentiation of instruction that is relevant, engaging and authentic for all students. We celebrate the human spirit and strive to inspire creativity as we work with our students. Building on trust for each member of our community via relationship building will help us move towards becoming a true learning organization. As a staff, we hold each other accountable for every child’s learning and recognize that learning organizations are dependent upon capacity to develop and to maintain shared commitments.

Our aim is to provide a safe and nurturing learning community where all students can maximize their full learning potential. As all members of our staff continue to encourage student relationships, student connections will be fostered and student success will continue to soar.