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Meet the Minshews

Gary and Bobbye Jack came to MISD in 1959.   Gary served in many capacities for more than 30 years.   He was a teacher, assistant principal, principal, special education director, and assistant superintendent.

“Gary was willing to take on whatever job needed to be done,” said Pam Sexton, co-chair of the School Name Selection Committee.

Bobbye Jack taught English at McKinney High School for 26 years, as well as serving as sponsor for many organizations and classes.

“Several School Name Selection Committee members shared stories of their experiences with either Gary or Bobbye Jack as their teacher and were eager to honor the Minshews with a school named for them,” Sexton said.    “My personal experience was with Gary as the assistant superintendent for maintenance and operations, a position he held from 1980 – 1989.   That was the beginning of the big growth in McKinney, and Gary, with his high energy level, did his part in helping the MISD keep up with that growth.”