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About Malvern

Welcome to Iola Davis and Albert Malvern Elementary School
Malvern Elementary is a unique environment for students and staff to learn and work together! We are creating environmental awareness among our young Malvern students as well as excitement about learning.

What is sustainable design?
Sustainable design has been defined as “environmentally sensitive architecture and engineering which incorporate the ability to meet today’s needs without compromising the resources available to future generations.” Teaching tools were incorporated throughout the building as part of its design.

What are the features of sustainable design?
Day lighting
Day lighting is the school’s key ingredient. Vertical monitors in each room to “scoop” the natural sunlight to provide natural daylight throughout the building. Light and motion detectors monitor energy usage.

Rainwater Harvesting
Six cisterns surrounding the school provide storage for up to 68,000 gallons of collected rainwater. The school is designed to collect all rainwater that hits the roof. This rainwater is used to irrigate the landscaping and drastically reduces monthly water bills.

Wind Energy
A windmill harnesses the natural and cost-free energy of the wind to circulate the harvested rainwater.

Solar Energy
A series of solar panels supplies the majority of the school’s hot water needs.

Additional sustainable features include two sundials, a water habitat, natural landscaping, student garden areas, sustainable building materials, and newly designed indoor air quality technology.

The innovative design of the classroom wings provides easy access to wide hallway corridors where the computers are located. You will see students utilizing the hallway space as an extension of the classroom as they work in cooperative learning groups, investigate and research using the Internet, read, or work on a project! We believe that interactive, relevant learning is one key to student success.