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Technology infrastructure and interactive learning opportunities are both key initiatives within Eddins Elementary. Eddins Elementary is committed to providing opportunities for students to interact with the global community through use of technology tools such as online learning and social media.

Listed below are a few of the many ways we use technology at Eddins Elementary:

  • Every teacher has a Smart Board to use for student instruction.
  • Every teacher has at least one iPad to use for student instruction.
  • All staff computers were upgraded recently to 2012 Apple Mac Mini’s.
  • Eddins 5th grade students produce a morning closed-circuit TV news broadcast, complete with a green screen.
  • Teachers receive technology training at weekly “Technology Tuesday” after school staff development sessions.
  • Technology integration occurs seamlessly in our classrooms as teachers design lessons weekly to meet the unique needs of their students.
  • Students on the Technology Club are involved in an international project highlighting great community leaders.
  • Students practice their keyboarding skills and computer skills at every grade, through www.learning.com.