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Learning Commons

Eddins Elementary Learning Commons 

Learning Commons Hours:  7:30am – 3:30pm

Student Check-Out Policy:

  • Books may be checked out at any time during the day for a two-week period.
  • You may renew any book, which is not overdue, for another two weeks. If the book has been placed on hold for another student, it must be returned after 1 renewal.
  • Students should return books to the library when they are finished reading. 

Borrowing Limits:

  • Kindergarten – 2 books 
  • 1st Grade – 2 books
  • 2nd Grade – 3 books
  • 3rd Grade – 3 books
  • 4th Grade – 3 books
  • 5th Grade – 3 books

Special Situations:

  • Students working on assignments may exceed borrowing limits with permission of Mrs. Fortner or Mrs. Webb.


  • Fines are not charged for overdue books at Eddins.
  • If a book is not returned within 44 calendar days, it will be considered lost and a fine will be assessed until the items are returned. If you have a lost or damaged a book, it will remain on your account, and it will count as one of your allotted books until the book is found or the fine is recouped.
  • Fines for lost or damaged books are determined and implemented in accordance with established library policies. Students who accrue fines of over $50 or which involve 3 books, will no longer be able to participate in normal circulation procedure until the fines issued are resolved. Students and parents/guardians are informed about alternative library access for the duration of the fine resolution period. (A note will be placed on the students account so we can make sure to keep up with the students who fall under this).

Learning Commons Rules:

  • Follow all classroom rules.  Walking feet, respectful voices, keep hands, feet and objects to yourself, and take care of all equipment. Show kindness and respect to Mrs. Fortner and Mrs. Webb, the books, and electronics within the learning commons.
  • The Learning Commons is a place to:  check out books, study, enjoy reading, do collaborative work and visit/participate in the Makerspace area.
  • Always use a shelf marker when removing a book from the shelf.  Return the shelf marker to the basket when checking out a book.
  • When using a shelf marker and searching for books, please place the book back on the shelf where the shelf marker is.  If you are not sure of where the book went, ask for help or just put it in the return cart.
  • NEVER take a book out of the library without checking it out first.
  • Treat books with respect. Hug them like you love them. Never write in or on books.  Keep books away from pets and small babies. (if a book is damaged or lost please come see Mrs. Fortner and Mrs. Webb).
  • Return books in a timely manner (14 days).  We want to be courteous of other students who are waiting to check it out.
  • Parents and students have access to online eBooks 24/7 and online digital resources.