2017 Texas Bluebonnet Reading Contest Voting Ballot for Wolford 3rd and 4th Graders

It is TIME to vote for your favorite Texas Bluebonnet Book.  Remember to be in this contest you must have read at least 5 of this year’s nominees.  You can also count books that were read to you by your teacher or parent, you heard in one of the library luncheons or lastly books that were “buddy” read together!

Please CLICK HERE to VOTE on-line and follow the directions.

**Once all of the votes from all of the other Texas schools are in and counted, Mrs. Hanna will invited you back into the  Learning Commons for a CELEBRATION. During this celebration, we will compare how our school’s votes went with the rest of the Texas schools and we will also have special “drawings” for FREE books from next year’s Bluebonnet Nominees.