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Absent or Tardy

If your student is absent, a parent or doctor’s note is required within three days of the absence in order for the absence to be properly documented.  Please do not submit notes on Post-it notes or paper smaller than half sheet of letter-sized paper as they get easily lost and post-its get stuck to other paperwork. Medical appointments are excused for the portion of the day missed, if the student returns with an appointment verification note.  Notes are no longer accepted after three days have passed since the absence.

Parents will receive an attendance letter if the student has been absent for unexcused reason for 3 or more days within a four week period or 10 days within  a six month period.  Students may be excused for personal illness, sickness or death of a family member, quarantine, or a religious holiday.

The first bell rings at 7:50am giving students time to be in their seats by 8:00am.  Students who arrive after 8:00am must report to the office for a tardy slip prior to being admitted to class.  Tardies are unexcused and can be counted with truancy.  Excessive tardies will result in a parent conference to develop a plan to avoid tardies.