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MHS Rank One Sports and Schedule Information

McKinney ISD encourages all students to participate in extra-curricular programs whether it is Academics, Fine Arts, Athletics or any other number of U.I.L. (University Interscholastic League) programs. As the McKinney area continues to grow, the participation within the MISD athletic programs increases as well. MHS offers a full range of competitive athletic programs.

The MHS Athletics staff is extremely devoted to the ideals and basic fundamentals of sportsmanship, responsibility, work ethic, character development, and positive attitudes that are essential in any athletic program. These values will allow them to be successful in any endeavor they are involved in after high school. We are blessed to live and work in a place where educational opportunities and the development of well rounded young people is a priority.

Athletics Philosophy

MHS’s athletic program will be one based on Educational Athletics as opposed to Entertainment Athletics. Within Educational athletics, we teach character traits that will help student-athletes succeed and be productive citizens. Coaches will model, support and teach positive behaviors. The character taught within Educational Athletics influences others in a positive way and strengthens this positive approach to situations throughout their life. Educational Athletics helps create a positive environment for the entire school. The basis of Educational Athletics is the focus on the process it takes to be successful, not an overemphasis on winning. Educational Athletics will teach students to Honor themselves, Honor their teammates, Honor their sport and Honor their opponent.