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McKinney Aviation Academy

Formerly known as the McKinney ISD Aviation Program, the McKinney Aviation Academy is a four-year preparatory program that enables high school students at all MISD campuses to study the history of aviation, careers in aviation, participate in hands-on projects, build and fly model aircraft, attend air shows, earn their student pilot license, work on actual aircraft, and discover the many options available in the aviation industry. Some students will choose to complete either their Sport Pilot License or Private Pilot license, the latter of which will put them on the path for a career as a Professional Pilot. 

The Introduction to Aviation Industry course is open to all Freshmen through Senior students. It is a recommended prerequisite for other aviation courses, but not a requirement. It is the only Aviation course available to Freshmen students.

Next, sophomore (or above) students should enroll in Aviation Transportation Systems. This course will help determine which path of the aviation industry is of most interest and introduce students to pilot ground school. This course is taught by an FAA certified Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI). Freshmen students should not enroll in this course, but rather the Introduction to Aviation Industry course.

The third course is the Aviation Management course which will finalize the preparation of students to pass the FAA written exam for pilots. Students will also explore aircraft maintenance and repair, aerodynamic design, and simulated flights of various types of aircraft, all through hands-on activities. This third-year course is a double-blocked course offering 2 elective credits. It allows students travel time to the HS campus or Airport where the class is held. The recently acquired Redbird LD flight simulator will allow students to accrue 2.5 hours of logged flight time towards their Private Pilot license in this course.

The final course is a Practicum course focusing on either additional Pilot Training or Aircraft Maintenance work. Students will spend a majority of this course time at a local business that has partnered with the district to offer practicum real-world training to MISD students.

Please contact 469-302-5886 for information.