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Principal’s Page

Al Conley has been in education since 1999.  He was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and attended Ohio Wesleyan University where he obtained his teaching credentials.  Al had always been interested in visiting Texas and decided to start his career there with plans to return home after two years.  It has been over 18 years now and Al is proud to call Texas home.

Grapevine/Colleyville was the first district Al worked for where he taught fifth grade.  He later moved to Frisco and finally McKinney where he has taught early and late elementary grades.  Al attended the University of North Texas where he earned his Masters in Education Leadership.  Upon graduating from UNT Al became the Assistant Principal at Minshew Elementary where he would later serve as Principal.  Al also spent time as an Assistant Principal at Malvern Elementary.  One year of Al’s teaching career was spent in Savannah and Atlanta Georgia teaching but he longed to be back home in Texas.  After experiencing schools in Ohio, Georgia and Texas Al has high regard for Texas schools and knew he wanted to raise his kids in Texas.

Al believes that education opens the door of opportunity and believes all students deserve that opportunity.  He understands that kids come to school from a wide-range of backgrounds, experiences and cultures and all of that diversity makes our school culture rich.  Education and the students served today have evolved greatly since Al began his career and so have the education standards kids must meet.  Al is passionate about working side-by-side with staff and parents to ensure students are prepared for the opportunities that will unfold in the years ahead.